Domain Development Tools

Here's a list of the tools that Drew has mentioned that we use to develop domain names. Some tools use affiliate links.

Search Tools

Want to search through the hundreds of thousands of expired domain names that are available each week? This tools lets you do it.

Expired Domain Search

Topic & Keyword Research

SEM Rush - Keyword Research

Checking the popularity of exact match keywords.

SpyFu - Ad, Keyword, & Competitive Research

Quickly catch up to the competition by viewing their best ads.

Google Trends

Size up industries and join trends on the way up.

Google Trends

Quick Page Creators & Editors

Lead Pages

We use Lead Pages to create manage several full websites, including this one. With it we are able to create websites and gather visitor mailing list data in less an hour.


A new and inexpensive tool with features to create a site on some pretty slick templates.

Tools for Planning and Capturing Ideas

Office Lens

I use this on my Android phone and laptop. You can use Office Lens, a free app, to take a picture of a while board or sketch. It will then process the image to make a clean copy to use in graphics and whiteboard programs.

Super handy for documenting a brainstorming session or sending developers a sketch of your screen.